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Symposium resources

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Program Item Title and Presenter Resources
Welcome and Opening Professor Sally Kift
Prof Richard Johnstone, Executive Director, Australian Learning and Teaching Council
Keynote Speaker
"A transition pedagogy for first year curriculum design and renewal"
Professor Sally Kift
Keynote Speaker "Fables from afar: Managing new environments"
Mr Col McCowan OAM
Keynote Speaker "Taking Student Retention Seriously: Rethinking the First Year of University"
Professor Vincent Tinto
Keynote Speaker "Socioeconomic status and Indigenous background: Implications for first year university curriculum"
Professor Marcia Devlin
Parallel Sessions

Mandy Bishop and Dr Wayne Clarke


Dr Judy Skene and Associate Professor Alf Lizzio

Associate Professor Dawn Gleeson and Professor Lyn Simpson
Rachael Field, Dr Gillian Hallam and Ms Wendy Harper
Associate Professor Annah Healy and Associate Professor Janet Taylor
  Evaluation and Monitoring
Associate Professor Karen Nelson and Bill Johnston
FYECD2009 Showcase Showcase Presenters
Keynote Speaker "First Year Future Tense"
Mr Bill Johnston
Keynote Panel discussion Questions from previous day
Associate Professor Karen Nelson
Keynote Speaker "First Year Engagement: What Role Does Curriculum Play?"
Professor Kerri-Lee Krause
Keynote Speaker "Designing learning environments for first year students"
Professor Ron Oliver
Keynote Speaker "Is it an improvement when a cannibal uses a fork? Critical enquiry into the sustainability of outcomes from first-year experience interventions"
Professor Lynne Hunt
Closing Professor Sally Kift


Day Materials provided at the Symposium